Monthly Archives: May 2014

A room of her own

Having lived in our house for six years, I recently decided to convert the very underused spare bedroom into a space of my own. Somewhere for me to sew, craft, write and overall, be creative. This decision means that any visitors have to sleep on a blow up mattress, however, this is a small price […]

A new broom sweeps clean

I have a confession to make – I like shopping. There is something in the thrill of the new, in making what you covet your own. More than that though, whenever I start a new obsession, be it going to the gym, starting a new sewing project or even writing this blog, I don’t feel […]

Hello and welcome

This website is dedicated to all those that, like me, enjoy letting their creative freak flag fly once in a while! It will cover my sewing and crafting experiences along with general ramblings on life. I will post updates once a week and more often if the mood takes me. My aim is to build a […]